Inpatient Rehabilitation Program



This program largely aims at bringing the normal life by following a withdrawal & detox program. Under this, the first stage can be left, and those who don’t require a withdrawal & detox program can directly take admission in this program. The program is handled by skilled and qualified professionals. Besides this, it offers an environment of comfort and support, which provides space for the patients to grow throughout their journey of recovery. This ultimately provides a sense of independence and accountability.
The inpatient rehabilitation program is an integrated model of care that successfully addresses the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual effects of addiction. The cost and charges are not to be worried about as minimum charges are taken for this task.
For the patients, who wish to get admission to this stage directly, a thorough assessment process is there, where the individual needs and treatment goals of the patients are considered. A few elements of the program are:
Education in groups
12-Step facilitation
Family program and support
All-time supervision
A wide range of holistic therapies

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