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"Combined with its core knowledge and devoted doctors, “Re Balancing Life” has been effectively able to transform the lives of addicted patients. Menace of Alcohol consumption in our society does not only ruin the drunkard’s house but also spreads badness around the society. With the objective of eradicating such dreadful disease, we serve the people with our helping hands to lead a happy life after getting rid of addiction of Gutkha, Smoking, Alcohol, Ganja/ Charas/ Afim, and Injection/ Drugs.Till now, large numbers of addicted people are benefited with our dedicated efforts.

Being a service oriented centre, we are actively engaged in offering 100% safe and effective herbal products/ medicines at the lowest prices. Prepared carefully using selected herbs of ancient Ayurveda Formulae, our medicines are easy to consume and after few dodges, addicted person never wishes to have Alcohol, Gutkha, Smoking, Injection/ Drugs and Ganja/ Charas/ Afim.

Our Vision & Mission
With its dedicated and experienced doctor, main goal of “Re Balancing Life” is rehabilitation and reformation of the addicted people. Our objective is to be nation’s foremost nasha mukti centre by providing round-the-clock product deliveries and featured services to our patients. We believe in offering a convenient and safe shopping experience for the betterment of the society. With our reasonable and qualitative medicines, we are able to give happiness and smile to those families who are suffering from incurable addictions. Our staff uses their medicinal principles and innovative ideas to give maximum comfort to our patients by providing value-added services at the door-step. We endeavour to set a new trend in the field of de-addiction by working towards profitability and productivity as a corporation. By offering unlimited value-added schemes, we have been able to create a positive image in the heart of our customers.

Awards & Recognition
Driven by Dr. Dalip Kumar, “Re Balancing Life” has achieved tremendous name and recognition in the field of de-addiction. Besides of having the degree of Ayurvedacharya- B.A.M.S (M.D.U), Dr. Dalip Kumar has rich experience and immense knowledge to drive this nasha mukti Kendra in the path of success. Ever since its establishment, we have directed our all efforts to become one of the leading de-addiction centres around the world. Through our effective herbal products, we have transformed ourselves as fully-managed enterprises. Our proficient and determined doctors help us to bring new smile and pleasure in the life of addicted people.

Social Responsibilities
Replete with Social conscience and a desire to fulfill his social responsibilities, Dr. Dalip Kumar established Re Balancing Life in 1985 to help the underprivileged and deprived. This Foundation symbolizes his philanthropist nature and has been making a profound difference to the lives of addicted patients. The clinic provides immense treatment to the addicted peoples. Fuelled by the goodness in people's hearts, Re Balancing Life is out to make a difference to the lives of the needy and strongly believes that reformation & rehabilitation of addicted patients through ayurvedic medicines to make them and their families happier!

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